How It Works – The process can be quick and hassle-free!

A cash home buyer is your best option to sell a house quickly.


FILL OUT A FORM: This will let us know you’re serious about receiving a fast cash offer.

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PROPERTY REVIEW: We will visit your property or gather information to make a cash offer for a fast sale.


RECEIVE YOUR CASH OFFER: We will close on your schedule if the offer is perfect. If not, we will set you up with a house-buying professional that can help.

How To Sell To Modern Property Solutions

1.) Are You Going To Lowball Me With A Cash Offer?

No! Lowball offers are from those lazy, inexperienced house buyers.

As professional house buyers, it benefits us to offer you as much as possible. If we lowball everyone, we can’t buy houses.

Our entire business is based on buying houses in your area.

2.) Will You Give Me A Cash Offer On The Phone?

No… We don’t give an exact cash offer during the initial call, but we will give you an initial offer range.

Why Not? Other “We Buy Houses For Cash” Companies Make Offers On The First Call.

Those companies will give you a largely inflated offer to bring you in and lock you into a legally binding contract. They will then use an “inspection report” to come back and demand a price reduction or they will back out of the deal.

That weasel clause tactic is used more than you would think by multiple buyers in the area. It gives cash home buyers a bad name, and we can’t stand it!

3.) What Information will you need from me?

Sell your house fast by helping us gather some basic information about your house.

  • Timeline to sell the house
  • Condition of the house
  • Recent renovations (if any)
  • How you’re hoping we can help.

This will help us determine how we can provide the best solution for you (sometimes, a cash offer isn’t the best option).

Working with Modern Property Solutions means finding the best option for you.

If the price you have in mind is outside what we can offer, we will discuss some options other than a cash option that may help. We want you to feel satisfied, even if it means going with another buyer.

How Is A Cash Offer Calculated, Anyway?

(Cash Offer) = ARV – Repair Costs – Selling Costs – ROI

After Repair Value (ARV): This is the market value of your house after we buy and complete the renovations.

Cost Of RepairsOur cost will be to update the house to current market conditions, and it’s what you save (along with your time) if you sell your house to us.

Our Selling Costs: This is the cost of selling commissions, excise tax, property tax, utilities, and insurance (title and property and escrow fees.) It’s typically around 10% of the ARV.

Return On Investment (ROI): This is how we pay our team and keep the business running. We wouldn’t be a great business if we didn’t return some profit!

  • This field is for validation purposes and should be left unchanged.

Selling To A Cash Buyer Versus Listing With A Realtor

Selling w/ An AgentSelling To An InvestorSOLD To Us!
Commissions / Fees:You, the seller, pay 6% on averageNoneNo fees/commissions if you sell directly to us for cash
Who Pays Closing Costs?:You, the seller, pay 2% on averageInvestorYou pay NO closing costs if you sell directly to us for cash
Inspection & Financing Contingency*:Yes, sales can fall throughNoneMuch lower risk of the final sale falling through
Appraisal Needed:Yes, the sale is often subject to appraisalNoneSubject to appraisal if listing on the market, but we can make cash offers too
Average Days Until Sold:+/- 91 DaysCan close in as little as 14 daysStandard time on the market, or IMMEDIATE CASH or TERMS OFFER
Number of Showings:It DependsIt Depends1 (Just Us) if you sell to us for cash
Closing Date:30-60 +/- days after accepting buyers offerUsually, the date of your choiceThe Date Of YOUR CHOICE
Who Pays For Repairs?:Negotiated During Inspection PeriodInvestorNONE – We pay for all repairs if selling to us for cash