Modern Property Solutions Frequently Asked Questions

1. Will you pay a fair amount for my house?

We do our best to always pay a fair amount for houses. We are not here to lowball sellers. We want homeowners to feel good about our cash offer and all of the hassle-free benefits that come with it, such as no hidden fees or repairs.

Recognize though that there is a difference between a fair price and “market value.” If the house is in need of updates or repairs then that value will be taken into consideration when we make our offer. Sometimes we are able to use “creative financing” to curate an offer that works better for both parties. Every time we make an offer we present all possible opportunities.

2. Is Modern Property Solutions a national buying company? I see there are a few house-buying companies with the same name.

NO! We are local and independent of any other house-buying company that has the same name. We buy houses primarily in Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Connecticut, and Florida. We only market online so if you received a letter, postcard, or a call or text, out of the blue that wasn’t us!

It’s important that house sellers protect themselves when choosing the right cash buyer for their property. Here are some things we’d look for if we were in your shoes.

  • A professional website with real reviews.
  • A Contact Us page with a real business address.
  • A legitimate business registered with the State.
  • Contracts with no contingencies, spammy language, or “weasel clauses” like “subject to 3rd party approvable” or “Contingent on” language.

Feel free to call James directly at 339-298-2357 if you have any questions or concerns.

3. Are you just going to list my house on the market?

No, we do not turn around and list houses on the market. Our intention is to buy your house and fix it up. Only after flipping your house would we sell it on the market or hold onto it as a rental property.

If we find out together that your situation is better suited for a real estate agent, we will connect you to one of the top agents in your market.

4. Should I be listing my house with a real estate agent?

Honestly, we don’t know, yet!

We would need to take a look at your house, situation, expectations, and timeline to give you a realistic answer. We are always happy to provide you with our professional recommendations.

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5. Is there any obligation when I submit my info?

There are no obligations when you submit your info.

We understand that you have options, so to differentiate ourselves from the other options, we make sure that you know there are no costs to you when getting your free offers. You have absolutely nothing to lose.

6. Do I need to clean or make any repairs before I move out?

No, you do not need to clean or make any repairs before moving out. We handle all cleaning and repairs once we close on the house. Feel free to leave behind everything you don’t want from food in the fridge to trash and musty furniture. We take care of it all.

7. How does your process work?

This is our most asked question, so let us break this down…

  1. Once you submit our formwe will call you to get more information about your property and talk numbers.
  2. We will come out and take a look at your property.
  3. We will set a closing based on your timeline, and you receive cash for your house at closing! That’s it!

8. What if I want to sell my house but have no equity?

We’ve got you covered! We have custom creative financing options if you have limited or no equity. In most cases, we will take over the responsibility of the house, AS-IS. This means we will start making payments right away and you can walk away from stress-free and with no money out of pocket

9. Are “We Buy Houses” companies a scam?

HECK NO! We love people and would never scam anyone, EVER… You’re never obligated to sell us your home. We simply offer a couple of ways to buy your house. If it works for you, great 😄! If it doesn’t that’s totally fine too. Ultimately we want you to feel great about selling your property.

Always do your research on any we buy houses company you work with. Make sure they’re a registered business in the primary state they do business in. Here is an example of ours, Modern Property Solutions. Look for things like a professional website with real reviews and personal pictures, avoid websites with a ton of stock photos and make sure you get a satisfactory earnest money deposit when you sign the purchase and sales agreement.

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